Foot worship | An hour with Princess Sophie Part 3

Duration: 16 minutes Size: 299 MB Format: MP4 Resolution: 720x480

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This video shows a part of the 1 hour encounter with Princess Sophie. The video starts with the Princess who shoot her feet with camera, moves her toes, scrunch and spread em. Then as he massage them, she asks if her feet are tough or soft. After the massage he licked the sole and between her toes. As you can see in he video, the Princess's feet are dirty (in part 2 she reveal why). During the video she give orders, especially ordering to his friend what he has to do with her feet, for example she orders him to gently put her big toe in his mouth. From these videos it is clear that Princess loves massages and enjoys receiving them. At one point the Princess orders him to take care of the other foot but before the cleaning service, she has fun watching her dirty soles and show em at the camera while she moves her fingers up and down and making noise. The Princess does not seem to give a fuck that her feet are dirty, what she's interested in is have a nice feeling from massage. The Princess is also surprisingly sadistic, sometimes to have fun, as in this case, begins to denigrate and degrade her foot licker. The friend then towards the end of the video asks to her if there are male smells that she likes, the princess reveals what is the male smell that makes her crazy and takes the cue to tell a couple of her experiences with male odors, particularly male feet and cock.

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