Pedicure & feet licking | Goddess Sasha first experiences PART 2

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First part of the first meeting with the Goddess Sasha, another girl who has been begged for years. In this videos series you will see Sasha's first experiences. As you will see in the videos this girl proves to be absolutely dominant, completely aware and confortable in her role. She act as a true ruler, like a capricious spoiled and sadistic princess. The Goddess, as will be seen, met her servant to get a pedicure and to try out the various strange things that he proposed to her over the years.



To begin with, the Goddess laughs at her servant for the failed attempt to lick her feet, pleasing herself for having denied him and emphasizing that she has the power to decide when to grant her feet. The pedicure continues and she checks that it is done well and intervenes when something is wrong. Then she cuts her nails and throws them into the hand of her servant, after the filing start, her toes get dirty with the residues of filthy nails and the Goddess orders her servant to clean them with his tongue. In the end the Goddess asks how he was licking her feet and gives two other orders.

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