Soles Massage & licking| Miss Christine & her 2 friends PART 1

Duration: 12 minutes Size: 216 MB Format: MP4 Resolution: 720x480

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Meeting with Miss Christine and her two friends. At the beginning of the video they chatting and joking and show their shoes. Miss Christine seems that wanna be always in the center of attention and puts her feet in really naughty poses, especially for those who know her. After that, shoes are displayed closer, then they remove their shoes and show their socks and then their bare feet that are shown in every detail. They also moves them very well, wrinkle soles, scrunch and spread their toes and turning them. Then finally he can touch them, and start a nice massage, which is especially useful to warm they're cold feet, you can also notice the color difference of their feet before and after the massage. When the feet are hot, they allow their servant to let him enjoy their feet by rubbing them on his face and tongue.

Note from the foot lover friend: one of them had deliciously smelly feet.

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